Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It's happening !

Yes it really is... I'm finally stitching again.
Small steps but a great leap into the unknown too, as I have nothing planned out.  We'll just see what happens to it :D (and the bin is always an option!)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

a drippy day

Pushing myself out of the house I wanted to savour some of the daylight hours.  It gets too much to stay indoors recuperating after a while.  Despite a dreary dullness the wood walk gave me plenty of textural opportunities.  I'm loving the new camera and the shallow depth of field the 50mm equivalent prime lens gives.

2014 begins

... with a rotten bug!  Despite this I'm committed to a new surge of creativity.  Revisiting old blog favourites I notice that some have ceased blogging as I did.  I miss them, their creativity and vitality.  There's something about being around creative people that is inspiration in itself, so here's hoping my blogging friends will continue anew with their creative sharings.

It's almost time to take the tree and decorations down but the winter isn't over.  Those cosy nights by the fire are still pulling me to do "something homely". The felting is definitely too much physical effort for an evening.  Spinning though is a fitting thing.  Poor DH... he's been waiting for me to spin enough to finish his jumper for a very long while.  Now the disruptions of the season are over I can get back to it.

I'm also tempted to stitch again.  Never really one for large drawn out projects I feel like going against the grain, out of my usual work pattern, and doing something that tells a story.  Ideas are bouncing around but I want to just start and grow something unplanned letting it unfold as it goes.  Righty, must first prepare some fabric...

Friday, 27 December 2013

Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Solstice and best wishes for the Yuletide season...

"DH does Christmas"

Warmest wishes to you all out there.  This is my card to you this year ... with a little reference to my dear one who works doing hedge trimming.

Here in Scotland we may even have some fairytale festive snow.  We've gathered the tree from the snowy forest and tomorrow I'll deliver some local cards in the freshly lain white stuff... Ahhhh, makes it all feel just right :D  I'm looking forward to sitting by an open fire and sharing the day with dear ones.

Hope you have a lovely holiday x